Are You Too Young or Too Old to Get Clear Aligners?

Aligner Treatment for Different Age Groups

Are You Too Young or Too Old to Get Clear Aligners?

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Crooked teeth can lead to aesthetic and functional problems, no matter what your age is. If your crooked teeth cause problems such as crossbite and overbite, orthodontists generally recommend that you get corrective treatment. Clear aligners are the most technologically advanced scientifically proven modality to correct the same.

The most common corrective treatment for the above-mentioned problems is braces. Clear aligners are an alternative to braces and have several advantages over them. Not only are they more aesthetic, but you can also remove them. Additionally, they apply gentle pressure to the teeth and are more customizable, as compared to braces.

Clear aligners are generally exempt from any orthodontic treatment age limit, as long as the patient has a healthy set of teeth. In fact, the use of clear aligners has shown results in people of all ages starting from teenagers. Let us try and explore how clear aligners can work wonders for teeth, regardless of the patient’s age.

Aligner Treatment for Different Age Groups


The minimum prerequisite for teenagers to undergo clear aligner treatment is that they must not have any jaw-related concerns and preferably have a majority of their permanent teeth. Once they have most of their permanent teeth, it becomes much easier for the treatment to be effective over the long term. A significant problem that orthodontists have encountered with teenagers undergoing clear aligner treatment is that they just don’t wear the aligners long enough. This can prolong the treatment or render it ineffective. Hence, teenagers need to be disciplined enough to wear clear aligners for at least 20 hours a day throughout the treatment length.


These patients generally have all their permanent teeth fully erupted, and undergoing teeth alignment treatment at this stage can have a long-lasting impact functionally as well as look-wise. Young adults of ages 20-35 are regular users of dental aligners and are also more responsible with them. It suits them best as their professional work is not affected in any way or form while the treatment is progressing.

Late Adulthood and Senior Citizens

People as old as 80 have had successful treatments through clear aligners as long as they have healthy gums and bone surrounding them, with no side effects and the result of complete dental alignment. Teeth during this period are especially fragile and prone to issues. The clear aligner treatment can save your teeth from many old-age problems simply by keeping them straight and accessible to clean for further easy maintenance.

Correct Age to Get Aligners

It is hard to point out a specific age bracket for aligner treatment. No orthodontic treatment age limit applies to aligners, and they can have a significant impact on your oral health at any age. While the best results are obtained in your 20s, that does not exempt any other age to go for treatment. Several companies such as Flash Orthodontics will provide aligner treatment regardless of your age and customize your treatment as per your health. For this, a Consult with a Flash Certified Orthodontist can help understand more in detail.


Orthodontic treatment age limits do not apply to clear aligners. Clear aligners are an effective treatment regardless of what your age is, as long as you have healthy gums and bone structure supporting teeth. To know more about how this treatment can help you get better teeth, contact Flash Orthodontics today!

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