What are the causes of gapped teeth?

What are the treatments for gapped teeth?

Searching for a fix for your gapped teeth? We’ve got you covered! 

Gapped teeth

People with gapped teeth are often conscious of their smiles and lose the confidence to express freely. Whether it’s a small gap or a wider one, even a slight misalignment can get in the way of a beautiful smile. If you are on the fence about your gapped teeth, there are many options there. But here we will discuss the best option present in the market to get gapped teeth fixed

It is true that not everyone chooses to get their gapped teeth fixed due to different reasons but whether it is to get a beautiful smile or not, before making a decision, it is advised that you visit an orthodontist to get a check-up. Since there are different types/causes of gapped teeth as well. Some are more serious than others which can affect your teeth and gum health drastically. However, only an Orthodontist will be able to decide whether you should keep your gapped teeth or not. 

What are the causes of gapped teeth?

Gapped teeth can occur at any point in one’s life, and generally, they close by themselves in several cases. But sometimes it can lead to serious misalignment problems which can further lead to bite problems, facial discomfort, or other dental problems. But have you wondered what causes gapped teeth in the first place? Here are some of the main causes:

– Sucking the thumb in your childhood may result in the front teeth moving forward. This can lead to gaps between teeth. 

– If you have missing teeth, there is a chance the remaining teeth will shift their position which can cause a gap.

– Gum diseases can also cause the teeth to loosen and drift apart over time causing gapped teeth. 

– The frenulum is the soft tissue that is located between the top two front teeth. Gapped teeth can also occur when it becomes oversized. 

– Size of the teeth can also be a cause. Small teeth leave extra space between two teeth which can allow the teeth to move. Hence, causing gapped teeth.

– Gapped teeth can be due to genetics/heredity as well. 

What are the treatments for gapped teeth?

Today, due to the various dental treatments available, any kind of gapped teeth can be fixed. So what are these different options? Keep reading to find out…

  1. Dental Bonding restorations

This method involves a tooth-colored resin material to be applied to help fix the gapped teeth. The material is shaped to look like teeth and then hardened by using a special light that ‘bonds’ it to the tooth closing the gap/gaps. The downside of this treatment is you have to keep replacing the bonding to retain that gap-free smile throughout your life. Also, cannot be done in all cases and involves extra care and a lot of restrictions with food.

  1. Porcelain Veneers

Thin porcelain shells are used to cover the front of your teeth to conceal the gapped tooth. They are made slightly wider than the actual tooth so they hide it properly. However, you will face the same problem with porcelain veneers as with dental bonding restorations. They will have to be worn for a lifetime.

  1. Traditional Braces

They are a common treatment option for gapped teeth. Teeth are shifted to the correct place with the help of fixing wires and brackets on your teeth. Although an effective treatment method, it kills the purpose if you are going for treatment just for aesthetic purposes. Braces are the opposite of that. Even if you are okay with the not-so-pleasing look that the braces give you, they are a lot of hassle. There are dietary restrictions, oral hygiene problems, etc. to name a few. 

  1. Clear Aligners

Also known as Invisible Braces, Clear Aligners are one of the most technologically advanced dental/Orthodontic treatment options available currently. Similar to the workings of traditional braces, they push your teeth into the correct position. So what’s the catch?

  • They are invisible, which patients who want to go for a more aesthetic route will rejoice about.
  • The other advantages over braces are that clear aligners are easily removable, there are no diet restrictions, and cleaning and maintaining oral hygiene is super easy.
  • Also, you have to visit your Orthodontist only to get the next set of aligners whenever they are due.
  • Oh, did we mention they also get the treatment done faster?! 

Clear Aligners are the best option for getting your gapped teeth fixed 

If you have decided to fix your gapped teeth, then Flash Orthodontics is the place to be. We offer world-class clear aligner treatment under the expert eye of 1850+ Flash Certified orthodontists spread across India. Getting you your desired smile is our top priority and for that, we have advanced TRIOS intraoral scanning technology that allows precise and effective treatment. Find your nearest Flash Orthodontist today to fill the gaps in your life and teeth!

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