How to Fix Misaligned Teeth Without Braces

Correct Misaligned Teeth with Clear Aligners

Correcting Misaligned Teeth is Easier than Ever

misaligned teeth

Teeth misalignment, also known as malocclusion of teeth, is a common but serious dental condition. It can cause difficulty in speaking, and cleaning teeth properly which can further lead to gum diseases and cavities, and it can also spoil the facial appearance of a person. Before you can understand how to fix your misaligned teeth, let’s learn about the causes and the signs that you can look out for to know if you have teeth misalignment.

What Causes Misaligned Teeth?

Misaligned teeth usually occur when your teeth do not align at rest or when the jaw is closed. This is due to a lot of reasons:

  1. Hereditary. This means it is passed down through families
  2. The size difference of the upper and lower jaws or discrepancy between the jaw size and tooth size
  3. Birth defects like cleft lip and palate
  4. Childhood habits such as tongue thrusting, thumb sucking, prolonged use of pacifier/bottle
  5. Severe jaw injury
  6. Early loss of adult teeth 
  7. Improper dental restorative procedures
  8. Abnormally shaped or impacted teeth
  9. Jaw joint issues – TMJ ankylosis leading to reduced or stunted jaw growth.

Signs that you have Misaligned Teeth 

If you have misaligned teeth, you must have noticed these signs:

– Jaw pain, popping or clicking when you open and close your mouth

– Headaches

– Chipped teeth or Flat teeth

– Loose teeth/lost teeth

– Abnormal appearance of the face

– Difficulty or discomfort when chewing or biting

– Speech difficulties, including a lisp

– Breathing through the mouth 

Common Types of Misalignment

There are six major types of misalignment of teeth people suffer from, that is:

  1. Increased Overbite
  2. Underbite
  3. Openbite
  4. Crossbite
  5. Crowded Teeth
  6. Spaced Teeth

How to Fix Misaligned Teeth Without Braces

Misaligned teeth, whether caused by genetics or any other external factor, have various treatment options which give you straighter and healthier teeth. Even though each case of misaligned teeth is unique, due to mouth shape, tooth placement, etc., however, there are some commonly and successfully used treatment options: 

  1. Braces

The most popular choice for a lot of patients, braces help in correcting misaligned teeth with the use of brackets and wires. They shift your teeth into proper alignment to give you your desired smile. There are different types of braces available too – basic metal, ceramic, lingual and self-ligating variants, etc.

  1. Porcelain Veneers (restorative)

Porcelain veneers are used to give shape to the teeth and work well to correct a mild overbite. They look like a chip and are attached by a dentist to the surface of the teeth. 

  1. Clear Aligners

Also called invisible braces, clear aligners push the misaligned teeth into the correct position just like braces. However, while braces use brackets and wires, clear aligners are 3D transparent plastic trays that are printed creating a precise and customized mold of your jaws. This is gaining popularity steadily due to the many advantages it has over other options. 

  1. Surgery

In extreme/severe cases of misaligned teeth, jaw surgery along with teeth correction is the only option. It does involve the use of braces/aligners initially to reposition or reshape the teeth within the jaw before the corrective surgery.

Why is Clear Aligner the Best option for Misaligned Teeth?

Getting treatment for misaligned teeth comes with various options. Especially for mild to moderate cases, which usually are what patients suffer from, orthodontists can help you choose from a bunch of options. However, in recent times, one option has become quite popular and for the right reasons. That option is Clear Aligners! Now the question is why? Here are some of the most popular reasons:

  1. Invisible: Clear Aligners are the only dental appliances that are nearly invisible which saves patients from questions and embarrassment in a lot of situations. 
  2. Removable: Most dental appliances are fixed in nature, but that is not the case with clear aligners. You can easily remove and wear your aligners.
  3. Effective & Precise treatment: Since clear aligners use advanced technology to create the treatment process, the treatment is known to be more precise and effective.
  4. Comfortable & Convenient: Due to their removable nature, clear aligners are both comfortable to wear and convenient when it comes to cleaning and doing everyday tasks such as eating and drinking.

Due to these reasons, Clear Aligners are the chosen one for many patients who suffer from misaligned teeth. According to orthodontists, misaligned teeth if treated early can be a quicker, easier, and much less expensive process. 

While choosing Clear Aligners make sure you work with a Certified Orthodontist as this requires a scientific approach to the treatment. Be various of the many DIY options available in the market as these can end up harming your teeth alignment and hence smile. 

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