Clear Aligners: Advanced Orthodontic Treatment

Why should I go for Orthodontic Treatment?

Clear Aligners: Advanced Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic Treatment

We all know the value of a gorgeous smile. But have you wondered what actually makes a smile ‘gorgeous’? It is the perfectly aligned white teeth that lie in your mouth. Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with a perfect pair of teeth. However, the good news is we can get one by orthodontic treatment

Why should I go for orthodontic treatment?

We are not just talking about cosmetic benefits but treating misalignments as well. The structure of our face and jaw is dramatically influenced by our teeth. What’s more, misaligned teeth can lead to various other problems. The stress of a poorly aligned tooth can lead to receding gums, broken teeth, fractured fillings, tooth loss, speech problems, oral disease, etc. At the same time, uneven teeth compromise the look of a person’s smile and affect their self-esteem. 

Orthodontists are trained to diagnose and assess the severity of the misalignment. Orthodontic treatment helps in getting your teeth to function well and lasts for years to come. Straightening teeth isn’t as simple as finding someone to fit you with a corrective appliance. Only an orthodontist can provide you with the expert care you need to quickly and efficiently straighten your teeth. Many health considerations are necessary for correct orthodontic treatment.

What are the latest orthodontic treatment options?

There are various orthodontic treatment methods that have been around for a long time. The most popular or widely known amongst them is braces. However, most people do not like this orthodontic treatment due to its uncomfortable nature and the fact that they are not easy on the eyes.

Solving this problem is a modern form of orthodontic treatment opinion called clear aligners. They are invisible and do not have any metal or wires in them. With the help of 3D technology, this customized orthodontic treatment consists of plastic trays that help your teeth move into the correct alignment. Home-grown brand, Flash Orthodontics provides best-in-class clear aligners, proudly made in India. 

What is the best age for getting clear aligners?

There is no defined age barrier to getting orthodontic treatment with clear aligners. A lot of people feel that since they’ve come of age and still have misaligned, they can’t be treated. That’s not true. Whether you are 25 or 65, the process is exactly the same for any patient. However, it is recommended to get the treatment done as soon as possible because the condition may worsen as the age advances. The more severe the condition becomes, the more time the orthodontic treatment takes. 

What are the conditions that can be treated by Clear Aligners?

Various conditions can be treated with the help of this modern orthodontic treatment. Here is the list:

  1. Deepbite: Deepbite is when the upper teeth excessively overlap the lower teeth partially or completely covering them. 
  2. Underbite: An underbite is when the lower teeth horizontally overlap and are ahead of the upper teeth.
  3. Crossbite: Crossbite is when the upper teeth are not aligned transversely with your lower teeth. 
  4. Open Bite: Open Bite is when the upper front teeth neither touch nor overlap the lower front teeth leaving a gap in the front teeth even when the jaw is closed. 
  5. Crowding: Crowding is when the new growing teeth overcrowd the other teeth and cause misalignment and crooked teeth. 
  6. Increased Overjet: Overjet is when the top teeth extend too far over the bottom teeth, interfering with normal speaking and eating.

After a thorough assessment of a particular condition, the Orthodontists formulate a treatment plan. The severity of the case is the major factor on which, how long the treatment will take depends. A mild case can be solved in a mere 6 months’ time while a more severe case can take up to as long as18 months or more. 

Why should I consider Clear Aligners?

Modern Orthodontic treatments have changed the way we treat dental misalignment and jaw joint problems. Especially in the case of clear aligners, the benefits that they provide are a major reason for their popularity. Here is why an orthodontic treatment like clear aligners is becoming a clear favorite:

  1. Comfort: As compared to other orthodontic treatments, clear aligners offer a huge level of comfort. They are painless. The only discomfort patients feel is in the initial weeks of the orthodontic treatment.
  2. Invisible: Due to its near invisibility, patients enjoy the discretion of getting an orthodontic treatment done without any social embarrassment. 
  3. Ease of cleaning: Unlike other fixed orthodontic treatments, clear aligners provide easy cleaning, brushing, and flossing of teeth. Also, there are no dietary restrictions as you can remove your aligners easily. 
  4. Fewer clinic visits: Once they are done with the initial consultation, the patient does not have to visit the orthodontist until the next appointment when they will get a new pair of aligners and more so follow-up appointments are much lesser compared to otherwise conventional braces treatment

Hopping on the bandwagon of bringing modern alternatives to traditional orthodontic treatments, Flash Orthodontics provides clear aligners engineered in India. Backed by a huge network of 1850+ Flash Certified Orthodontists who help in spreading perfect smiles with amazing results. To start your orthodontic treatment, get a consult today! 

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