Start your Smile Makeover Journey with Clear Aligners

How Can A Smile Makeover Change Your Life?

Start your Smile Makeover Journey with Clear Aligners

Smile Makeover

Smile- your first facial expression. The universal sign of happiness. Yet the widest confident smiles are seen less often. Why? A lot of people that you meet avoid grinning or are embarrassed to smile openly because they are self-conscious about their teeth and gums. Think about it, are you someone who covers their mouth while laughing or smiling? 

Did you know that smiling doesn’t just make you approachable to others, it is also good for your health in a number of ways? That is why a lot of people are increasingly considering smile makeovers. So how exactly can straightening teeth, with the help of a smile makeover, change your life? Let’s find out

How Can A Smile Makeover Change Your Life?

There are so many advantages and benefits of having perfectly straight teeth that you will definitely consider a smile makeover. Here are a few of them:

  1. Boost’s self-confidence

It is true when they say your smile can impact your self-esteem and self-confidence. Crooked teeth tend to stain more easily and can lower a person’s confidence to smile freely. A smile makeover removes flaws from the teeth and gives you straight teeth that give you the confidence to put yourself out there.

  1. Psychological & Physiological changes

When you smile your body releases three different hormones: dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin. These are responsible for making us feel happy, and they also help lower stress levels. In fact, when you smile more often, you attract people more. They make you a more appealing and attractive person to be around. This in turn will have a positive effect on your well-being.

  1. Better oral health

In case of malocclusions like underbites, overbites, crowding, etc., there is a huge chance of more dental issues cropping up due to poor oral health. In this case, a smile makeover not only repositions your teeth to give you gorgeous straight teeth but also helps you build better oral health.

Smile Makeover With Clear Teeth Aligners

There are a lot of dental appliances that already exist on the market. However, with the advancement in technology, the dental world also caught up and took leaps and bounds to make the journey to get straight teeth a fairly comfortable process for the patients. For this, they took the help of 3D technology. Clear  Teeth Aligners are transparent/clear/invisible plastic trays that are made to fit your teeth.

How Are Clear Teeth Aligners Better Than Other Options To Get A Smile Makeover?

A common question that comes up when considering orthodontic treatment for a smile makeover is- are clear teeth aligners better than other dental appliances?

The answer is yes, in a lot of cases. Even though all the appliances have the same goal- to give you straight teeth, there are some significant advantages clear aligners have over other dental appliances. So how are they better?

  1. Aesthetically Pleasant: While most dental appliances look unpleasant to the eye, Clear Aligners are barely noticeable which is a major reason for their popularity. It is discreet enough to remain undiscovered which gives the patients the confidence of smiling even while receiving the treatment.
  2. Removable: Giving a big sigh of relief to most patients is the removable nature of the clear aligners. A lot of patients have suffered an insufferable amount of discomfort and pain during their journey to straight teeth. However, with clear aligners, one can remove the aligners and wear them again very easily and comfortably. But, word of advice, do not remove your clear aligners too frequently. Orthodontists recommend that aligners should be worn at least 20 – 22 hours a day for impactful treatment.
  3. Easy Cleaning: Everyone who has ever used braces or expanders knows they are a nightmare when it comes to maintaining oral hygiene. However, with clear teeth aligners, you will not face such an issue ever. This is also due to the fact that they can be removed and easy to clean.
  4. No Lifestyle Restrictions: As clear teeth aligners are easily removable, you can practically eat and drink, and do whatever you want without altering anything in your current lifestyle.
  5. Fewer Clinic Visits: Clear teeth aligners do not require tightening appointments, adjustments, or repairs as frequently as in the case of braces, so there are lesser clinic visits.

Clear teeth aligners are a clear winner when it comes to getting a smile makeover. With their arrival, the dental industry especially the cosmetic dental industry has changed significantly. Getting the perfect smile has never been this easy! 

With Flash Clear Aligner treatment, the patients are provided with a DIY Aligner Care Kit which has all the necessary tools and equipment to clean the aligners as well as keep them safe. To get your own customized Flash Clear Aligners for perfectly straight teeth, contact or visit your nearest Flash Orthodontist today.

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