Interesting Facts About Clear Aligners

clear aligners facts that are useful

The STRAIGHT Facts About Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners Facts

Crooked teeth, leading to dental conditions such as overbite, underbite, and inner mouth injuries, are prevalent across the world. People of all ages encounter these issues. To counter them, the most common solution is dental braces.

However, over the past years, a better alternative to metal braces has emerged. This alternative is known as clear aligners. Clear aligners apply a soft force on your teeth over a period of time to align them in a favorable position. They are removable and much more aesthetically pleasing than metal braces.

Straight facts about Clear Aligners

clear aligners also have some misconceptions associated with them. Let’s have a look at the truth about invisible aligners.


Unlike dental braces and some other dental, medical devices, clear aligners are custom-made. This is the most important among the facts about aligners that must be kept in mind while going in for treatments. In one of your initial sessions, the doctor will create a mold of your teeth or generate digital 3D files of both jaws- so that the vendor can create a set of aligners perfectly customized for your needs.


Metal braces suffer from the drawback that they are uncomfortable to wear. On the other hand, clear aligners’ customizability means that they are comfortable to wear and fit your teeth perfectly. They also have a thin wall and hence do not disturb your palette, or the inside of your lips like braces do. They have a smooth surface that does not pinch. They also generally have rounded edges so that they do not cut or injure your teeth and gums while you are inserting or removing them.

Multiple Sets

A major misconception about clear aligners is that you wear the same set of aligners for the entire duration of the treatment. However, the truth about invisible aligners is that the set of aligners you wear changes every couple of days as advised by your doctor. If you keep on wearing the same set of aligners, your treatment will stop once your teeth’ position matches that of the aligners. Since the treatment with clear aligners has to be gradual as well as comfortable, your teeth are given a new target to reach every few weeks by creating a new set of clear aligners that gradually begins to match the perfect teeth position.

Less Frequent Dental Visits

If you are wearing braces, you likely have to visit the dentist every few weeks to get the wires adjusted and tightened. However, with dental aligners, this is not the case. A significant addition to the facts about aligners is that you simply get a new set of aligners every few weeks, which you can continue to wear as you did your old aligners. Overall reduce the no. of visits to your Orthodontist’s office.

Best Suited For Adults?

The truth about invisible aligners is that treatment using them is best suited to adults. There are two main reasons for this. The first reason is that adults have all their permanent teeth, which is a prerequisite for clear aligner treatment. Secondly, to undergo treatment with clear aligners, you require a certain level of self-discipline. You need to wear clear aligners for at least 20 to 22 hours a day for the treatment to be successful. Dentists expect adults to be more responsible than their younger counterparts and hence prefer to administer the treatment to them.


The invisible clear aligners treatment can be a magic wand for your teeth and armed with the above facts about aligners, you are all set for your journey toward better oral hygiene. Flash Orthodontics is an excellent choice if you opt for clear aligners, with more than a century’s legacy and 1500 dentists associated with them. Made with the latest technology in dentistry, clear aligners by Flash are the best choice for your teeth!

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