What sets us apart

Flash Orthodontics was started with a mission to bring healthy smiles by establishing Flash Aligners - a product and service offering which competes with the best in class. Led by our aspiration to be the preferred choice for orthodontists and patients alike, we drive innovation in our products and services to claim leadership.

By introducing India to its own home-grown modern alternatives to conventional braces, Flash Orthodontics seeks to provide a more comfortable, convenient, hygienic, and easy-to-use option to overcome common orthodontic problems. We take pride in being "an experiential Indian company, providing orthodontic solutions of the highest quality standards".

Our journey at Flash Orthodontics is to bring you the future of teeth straightening is built upon 3 paramount pillars.

our legacy

Flash Orthodontics is a subsidiary of ADOR Group, and a part of 3D Future Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a start-up that aims to meet the fundamental 3D printing needs of the healthcare industry. Our driving force, ADOR Group with a 109-year legacy in India, dominates the core industry sectors where it participates. Flash Orthodontics is built on their objective to nurture businesses for select industrial segments, with the aim of attaining market leadership
Backed up by the innovative and customized 3D printed solutions, at Flash Orthodontics, we aim to achieve unparalleled user experience with top-notch quality and establish sky-high benchmarks within specific domains in the healthcare industry. Our strong ethical and social practices are a source of pride for all stakeholders and ensure the highest level of business excellence.
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our technology

Engineered in India, Flash Orthodontics’s supreme quality Flash Aligners are produced from the award-winning technology of TRIOS Intraoral Scanners. The revolutionary technology of Flash Aligners uses 3D technology to give you a fast, comfortable, and efficient solution for your dental problems.

our People

At Flash Orthodontics, we believe you deserve the best! That is why we only work with Flash Certified Orthodontists who are highly trained in dealing with Flash Clear Aligners. Our network of over 1850+ Flash Certified Orthodontists will help you get a flawless smile.
Flash Orthodontics also offers excellent patient support to make your journey hassle-free and to give you the best possible experience.

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All the Flash products including the Flash Aligners are Made in India. We provide you 100% local products made from best-in-class materials and technology

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