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What are flash clear aligners

Taking the dental industry by storm, Clear Aligners are invisible dental appliances that help in teeth straightening by solving mild to moderate dental conditions like Crossbite, Crowding, Spacing, Overjet, Overbite, Openbite. The misaligned teeth are moved into the desired position giving you a healthy and gorgeous smile.

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What are Flash Clear Aligners made up of?

Engineered in India and created using award-winning TRIOS Intraoral Scanning and 3D printers to ensure precision and transparency, Flash Clear Aligners are your best bet of getting flawless and perfectly aligned teeth.

These plastic trays are made using accurate molds of 16 to 30 microns resulting in precise fit Flash Clear Aligners.

Before reaching the patients, Flash Aligners go through stringent quality audits at each manufacturing step to give you the best quality experience.

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how do flash clear Aligners work?

Your Flash Clear Aligner journey is a simple process.


Visit a Certified Flash Orthodontist


Advanced intra oral Scanning


Preview the results digitally even before the treatment begins


Begin your smile makeover with Flash starter kit


Follow the doctor’s instructions correctly


Keep your appointments to achieve the desired result.

Living with Clear aligners

Dealing with misaligned teeth or bite problems? Consider Flash Clear Aligners as your savior! This modern dental solution doesn’t just mold around your teeth but also your lifestyle. Do not worry about giving up on anything. With Flash Clear Aligners, you can do everything normally, including:


Why should one choose Flash Clear Aligners?

Flash Clear Aligners have a clear advantage over braces.

Visibility Partially visible Visible and unaesthetic
Comfort & Convenience Comfortable and Convenient Uncomfortable
Dietary restrictions No dietary restrictions Significant dietary restrictions
Removability Removable & easy to maintain Fixed & difficult to maintain

Flash success stories

Watch how Flash Clear Aligners has impacted different lives:

Krupa Baria's experience with Flash Orthodontics gave her smile a new lease of life.

A business trip brought Neil to India and to Flash Orthodontics, rest as they say is history

Watch how Ashish Bhatia became smile ready for his wedding photoshoot with the help of Flash Orthodontics

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Being an actor with dental problems is a tough cookie. Watch how Gurbani found the perfect solution with Clear Aligners

Flash success stories

Watch how Flash Clear Aligners has impacted different lives:

Flash pricing

The exact cost of Flash Clear Aligners depends on the type of treatment which will be determined by the Flash Orthodontists.

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