Aligners- A Customized Smile Solution

How Do Clear Aligners Work?

Aligners – A Customized Smile Solution

How do clear aligners work

The prevalence of crooked or misaligned has only been rising over the years. Crooked teeth don’t merely cause problems in how you look. They can cause crossbite, overbite, open bite, overcrowding in your mouth, or large and gaping spaces in your teeth.

A popular method of dealing with the problem of crooked teeth is through dental braces. Dental braces are metal fixtures attached to your teeth and joined together through a wire to set your teeth back in place. However, braces can lead to issues of their own. Not only are they glaring anomalies attached to your teeth, but can also make brushing and flossing rather tricky.

A new approach toward straightening your teeth is through clear aligners. Clear aligners are like a continuous, transparent cap for your upper and lower rows of teeth. They can help with dental crowding, crossbite, deep overbite, and other such issues. But how do clear aligners work? Let’s find out.

How Do Clear Aligners Work?

The fundamental question any dentist is likely to face from a patient is this – how do aligners work? Clear aligners work on a similar principle to that of braces. They apply pressure at specific spots and mould your teeth into a proper shape. The pressure applied through clear aligners can act as a constant small force over a long time and straighten your teeth. Hence, treatment with clear aligners is most successful when they are worn for long periods. Since the aligner’s shape does not change, the positioning of your teeth changes to match that of the aligner.

Clear aligners are aesthetic-looking and also very comfortable to wear. They are convenient to use and can easily be taken off. Restrictions such as not getting to eat anything chewy or hard are not present with clear aligners. Clear aligners are also really easy to maintain. With clear aligners taking care of your oral hygiene is as easy as taking the aligners off and washing them, while also brushing your teeth. The treatment time with clear aligners is also only a few months.

Customization of Clear Aligners

Now that the question of how clear aligners work has been answered, we can move on to customization. It must be noted here that while clear aligners seem like a one-size-fits-all treatment, they are actually very highly customized. Each patient needs to have a separate set of clear aligners made to measure, and these are never available as a retail product. 

Flash Orthodontics offers high-quality customized aligners made with TRIOS Intraoral Scanners‘ award-winning technology to assure the best possible care. 


There is no doubt about the fact that clear aligners are a revolutionary solution for better teeth. If you face any of the issues mentioned above, such as crowding, spacing, increased overjet, and other such issues, clear aligners are the way forward. 

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