Are you wondering if your teeth aligner cost is worth every penny?

Why does Teeth Aligner treatment cost so much?  

Are you wondering if your teeth aligner cost is worth every penny?

teeth aligner cost in india

It is a general notion amongst a lot of patients that the cost of teeth aligner treatment can cause a dent in their pockets. However, that is a little exaggerated. What if we tell you that the total cost of a teeth aligner treatment is close to the treatment you will get from traditional braces, would you believe us? You might not but it is in fact true!

 Braces demand a lot more care during treatment and post-treatment as well, and they also take longer to fix your teeth. So, when you calculate the actual cost of the whole treatment, the difference is not that significant. But let’s talk about why do teeth aligners cost this much?

Why does Teeth Aligner treatment cost so much?  

The total cost of the teeth aligner treatment actually has various factors depending on it. The 2 major ones are listed below: 

1. Length and Severity of the treatment

A major factor that plays a part in determining the cost for the aligner treatment for you will be your case. If you have a mild case of misalignment or bite issues, then the length of your treatment would be considerably lesser than a patient with a moderate or severe case. This means that the total pair of teeth aligners you will use for the treatment will be lesser, and the consequential cost of the treatment would be lesser for you.

2. Use of Modern technology for customized treatment

Part of why teeth aligners cost so much is because of the advanced technology used during the aligner treatment. In most cases, you can visualize the end result even before starting the treatment- thanks to technology. Intra Oral scan also helps understand underlying teeth issues which equips the doctor to suggest an effective treatment plan. 

Aligners are made using the powerful technology of 3D printing, every teeth aligner is literally customized and unique to each patient. That is why the cost of teeth aligner treatment is more than other dental appliances. 

There are other factors too that add up to the cost:


1. Expert Orthodontists

When you go for teeth aligner treatment, you will be under the care of an Orthodontist from Day 1. Orthodontists are experts in the anatomy of the jaw and the alignment of teeth. Brands like Flash only work with Flash Certified Orthodontists who undergo a 3-year Masters in Orthodontics Program. Additionally, they undergo training and are certified by Flash Orthodontics to provide a detailed diagnosis and treatment plan for discrepancies (misalignment & malocclusions) related to teeth and jaws to be treated with Flash Aligner Therapy. Being under the care of an Orthodontist not only gives your assurance but also results in superior results.

2. Location

This might not play a very big role, but sometimes, the cost of the teeth aligner treatment also includes the cost it will take to get those aligners to you. While choosing a brand do consider if you need to travel a lot and choose a brand that can deliver your aligner literally anywhere in the world. Brands like Flash Orthodontics have treated many travelling patients from across the globe successfully. Here it from one of the travelling patients 

3. Invisible & Removable

The best outcome of the advanced technology for the teeth aligners is that they are transparent. So when you wear them, nobody can see that you are getting dental treatment done. This is a much-needed upgrade from the unaesthetic metal braces. Also, they are removable. So, whether it is food, drinks, sports, or any other hobbies or lifestyle choices, you do not have to restrict yourself to anything. You can enjoy your favorite things without thinking too much. 

We hope you are now able to see why teeth aligners cost so much and why they are a better investment than the other options available in the market. Teeth aligners also give you the freedom and the efficiency that no other dental treatment can. 

What is the cost of teeth aligners in India?

In India, you can find various options in various ranges for Teeth Aligners. At Flash Orthodontics, the cost of Flash Teeth Aligner treatment ranges from ₹60,000 to ₹3,50,000*.

*Price range mentioned is indicative. Flash Aligner Treatment is a completely customized clear aligner therapy, so the aligner cost may vary as per the treatment advised by the treating doctor/clinic and depending on other factors. 

If you are looking to start your teeth aligner treatment, get in touch with your nearest Flash Orthodontist today. With an expanding network of 1850+ Flash-certified orthodontists all over the country, the kickstart to your smile makeover journey is not too far from home. Find your nearest orthodontist here.

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