How Much Do Transparent Braces Cost in India?

Transparent Braces for Teeth

How Much Do Transparent Braces Cost in India?

Transparent Braces Cost

Invisible aligners have emerged as the most preferred mode for all your teeth alignment needs. The meteoric rise in popularity of these ‘transparent braces’ is a result of years of research combined with the advanced technology they bring to your treatment. Clear Aligners provide unmatched comfort and can be customized as per your needs. In addition to this, the treatment provided by them is pain-free and way quicker than the other alternatives available in the market at present.

It has been observed that patients often shy away from getting any kind of help for their dental misalignments. This is primarily due to the intrusive nature of several devices and the visibility factor of these available solutions. Transparent teeth braces have erased this discomfort with a single stroke and have become the perfect solution to all your teeth alignment needs. Let us understand how these aligners work and how they have redefined the teeth alignment industry.

How are Transparent Braces Made?

Aligners are trays of plastic that provide you with that perfect smile by pushing the teeth together. In case you are facing any issues like teeth gaps, overbites, dental crowding, cross bites, or similar issues, visit a Flash-certified orthodontist around you. Your orthodontist will conduct a thorough dental scanning upon which you will get an exact idea of your teeth condition. This intra-oral scanning will also give you an exact post-treatment simulation and generate a precise picture of how your teeth will look after treatment.

Once your dental condition and measurements are carefully gauged, your aligners will be custom-made through 3D printing. You can start wearing them as per your orthodontists’ instructions and get on with the process of achieving that dream smile that you always wanted.

How to Use Transparent Teeth Braces?

Once the aligners are delivered to you, you can start using them as instructed by your Flash-certified orthodontist. Ideally, an individual using transparent braces should wear them on their teeth for 22 hours a day for the best results. One of the biggest advantages of these devices is that they come with no dietary restrictions. You can always remove them while consuming meals or when drinking hot beverages like tea or coffee. You can, however, keep them on while drinking water. While the aligners are pretty low maintenance and require minimal effort, they must be cleaned and kept germ free with the help of solutions provided to you.

Aligners have a pretty simple working mechanism. They push the teeth together into the desired position by applying constant pressure on them. Over the years, these transparent braces have shown tremendous results and have successfully treated various teeth alignment issues effortlessly.

How Much Do Transparent Braces Cost?

Transparent braces or clear aligners are extremely customizable. No two patients will have similar kinds of braces even if their needs are the same. The braces are designed based on their jaw structure, teeth size, and the solution they are looking for. The price structure hence varies from case to case depending on the above factors. Another factor that determines the transparent braces cost is the severity of the problem.

For ex: a patient facing mild teeth gaps will have a solution delivered that is cheaper than that of a patient facing severe crowding or large teeth gap problems. In the case of Flash Aligners, the pricing depends on the degree of malocclusion and the range starts from Rs 59,999/- and can go up to Rs 3,50,000/-*. While this may be slightly on the further end of the pricing scale, the plethora of benefits that they provide makes every single rupee a worthwhile investment.

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