How To Conceal Gaps or Missing Teeth With Clear Aligners

How to Fix Missing Teeth With Clear Aligners

How To Conceal Gaps or Missing Teeth With Clear Aligners

Conceal Gaps or Missing Teeth

Everyone desires a perfectly aligned smile. In fact, your smile is one of the foremost visible features of your personality and a pleasant smile can take you a long way in creating a great first impression. This can be hampered if your teeth are not in the correct position and alignment. Teeth gaps are not just an aesthetic issue but can also lead to several health problems. Proper orthodontic treatment is the first step in preventing this and there are a number of dental aligners providing teeth alignment solutions. Of these methods, clear aligners are the most preferred and comfortable answer for your teeth alignment needs.

Teeth gaps or other alignment issues are a serious problem and must be tended to immediately. It concerns our oral hygiene as well as overall health and neglecting it can result in speech issues, temporomandibular joint complications, and problems in biting and chewing.

Apart from teeth gaps, there are several other alignment issues such as teeth crowding, crossbite, increased overjet, etc. which all can severely impact one’s oral health. These alignment issues can be fixed by undergoing appropriate orthodontic treatment along with the use of clear aligners.

Clear aligners are an efficient way of achieving perfect teeth alignment and are a much better alternative to conventional braces. These invisible aligners are easy to use, maintain, and most importantly come with no dietary restrictions. Each of these invisible aligners are custom designed to suit your size and alignment requirements. You can use these invisible aligners after an inspection by an orthodontist who will then recommend the best possible solution for you.

Flash Certified orthodontists are specifically trained and certified in diagnosing and treating your teeth alignment problems. After a thorough intra-oral scanning, a replica of your teeth is made by 3D printing. Based on this, your customised invisible aligners are made. These aligners then push your misaligned teeth into the appropriate position and give you a much quicker and effective alignment solution. The clear aligners function by placing constant pressure on your teeth to move them to the desired position.

Apart from enhanced efficiency and better positioning over teeth, one of the biggest advantages of clear aligners is that they are nearly invisible. This instils great confidence in the users and makes them smile and laugh without any inhibitions. These aligners are easy to pop on and detach giving great flexibility of use. Clear aligners are designed with medical-grade plastic making it easy to clean and maintain throughout your treatment. Another major factor that works in favour of clear aligners is time. In the case of traditional braces, the time taken for complete alignment could be 24-36 months while with aligners, you can start seeing changes in 4 moths. Also, those with braces are required to regularly visit their doctor once every 2-3 months while with aligners, you will make fewer doctor vists.

Clear aligners also give a better understanding of the progress of treatment which standard braces do not provide. You can see visible changes in the shape and alignment of your teeth. You are also given a visual timeline of the progress. With no food restrictions imposed with clear aligners, you don’t have to worry about staying away from your favourite food items anymore.

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