Smile confidently with Clear Aligners!

What problems can Clear aligners solve?

Smile confidently with Clear Aligners

Smile confidently with Clear Aligners

Who doesn’t want a beautiful smile that attracts people?! We all do. Unfortunately, not all of us have the perfect smile. If we break down the components of a beautiful smile, perfectly straight teeth would probably take the first 3 spots. The next challenge most face is how to get perfectly straight teeth. It can be quite overwhelming and scary at times. But thanks to the advancement in technology, the dental/Orthodontic industry has got great options. 

We are talking about Clear Aligners or Invisible Braces. The perfect alternative to dental appliances such as metal braces or dental veneers, clear aligners offers you perfectly straight teeth in a more comfortable and convenient manner. Want to know if they can solve your dental issues? Read further to know what issues they can solve. 

What problems can Clear Aligners to solve?


These custom-made transparent trays move your teeth into the correct alignment to solve all your misalignment issues while giving you a drop-dead gorgeous smile. Clear aligners take away the pain of metals and wires and still work efficiently to solve dental issues, including:

– Gapped teeth

Excessive Overbite

– Underbite

– Open bite

– Crossbite

– Overcrowding of teeth

Now the most important question a lot of you will have is, what is so special about clear aligners? Here is the answer to that!

Why should you go for Clear Aligners?

There is not one but at least three reasons why clear aligners are a better investment than other dental appliances. 

  1. Convenient

Clear aligners are easily the most comfortable and convenient out of all dental appliances. With other dental treatment options, you will probably have to let go of your favorite food or hobby. However, clear aligners give you the flexibility of getting straight teeth without modifying your lifestyle. With clear aligners, you can eat or drink, play sports, play instruments, and do whatever you like because guess what? They are REMOVABLE! So whatever you want to do, you can easily take out your clear aligners. 

But keep in mind, it is highly recommended by orthodontists that one should wear their clear aligners for 20-22 hours a day to get the best possible result.

  1. Improves Your Self-Confidence

One of the most common reasons, though less talked about, is the loss of confidence because of misaligned teeth and braces for orthodontic treatment. Whether you have crooked or gapped teeth, it is understandable to feel a little conscious while expressing yourself and more so with a bunch of wires in your mouth. This is what clear aligners free you from. It is true that the other treatment options sort your teeth straightening problems. But the journey isn’t as aesthetically promising as with clear aligners. 

One of the top USPs of clear aligners is that they are INVISIBLE! That’s right. Who wouldn’t want to get their teeth straightened without getting the stray questions about the treatment? No one will even notice that you have something in your mouth. 

Yes, it is that easy now to get your confidence back with clear aligners. 

  1. More Advanced Technology Used

You must be wondering what clear aligners are made of and how? This personalized solution to all your dental problems is made using highly advanced 3D printing technology. These plastic trays are three-dimensional maps of your mouth taken by advanced intra-oral scanning. This scan not only helps in creating the aligners but also shows you the virtual roadmap of your treatment plan. 

With the introduction of this advanced technology, clear aligners eliminate the traditional way of x-rays or teeth impressions that are used in other treatment options. This increases the accuracy and efficiency of the treatment all the while being a super comfortable and hassle-free option for the patients.

Is taking care of Clear Aligners a hassle?

Another perk to having removable trays aka clear aligners is, easy cleaning!

Here are a few easy ways that can help you keep your Clear Aligners clean:

  1. Rinse your clear aligners immediately after eating to avoid bacteria formation. 
  2. Use running water at room temperature to clean your aligners.
  3. Don’t use toothpaste to clean the aligners, instead use the form provided in the kit. 
  4. Avoid consuming drinks like wine or any other beverage except water while wearing your clear aligners as it can leave stains.
  5. Keep them in a case or safe place when they are not in use to avoid getting dust or to protect them from breaking. 

Whether you’re a teen, a working professional, or a retired senior, you have a better chance of getting the smile you always wanted with clear aligners.

So, are you ready to start your smile makeover journey? Then head to your nearest Flash Orthodontist to get your clear aligners. Completely made-in-India products with the top-in-line technology of TRIOS intraoral scanning, Flash Orthodontists aim to provide the best dental solution with the help of over 1850+ orthodontists present all over India. What are you waiting for? Find a doctor near you


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