Smile Makeover: Best Treatments to Improve Your Smile

Best Treatments to Improve Your Smile

Smile Makeover: Best Treatments to Improve Your Smile

Smile Makeover

A good smile is one of the most attractive features of a person. It creates a positive impression on others and even instils great self-confidence. Smiling is contagious and with an attractive smile, one can spread cheers wherever they go. Today, people are going to a great extent to fix their teeth alignment in order to improve their smile. The advancement in technology has led to the introduction of several effective smile makeover solutions. There are several smile correction techniques available in the market each catering to the specific needs of the person. Let’s go through some of them and understand how they help you in your smile makeover.

Invisible Aligners

These are one of the most popular smile correction methods available today. Invisible aligners are custom-made plastic moulds that fit perfectly on a patient’s teeth and push them together in order to align them. The biggest benefit of these aligners is that they are easy to use and remove from your teeth. Invisible aligners come with no food restrictions and you can enjoy your favourite meals that are usually prohibited in case of braces. Another major benefit of invisible aligners is that they are easy to maintain and save you from frequent doctor visits.


Braces are another widely used teeth aligning solution for smile makeover. These have been available in the market for quite a long time and continue to be relevant even today due to their easy access and affordability. Compared to other modes of teeth alignment, braces have their own limitations and come with several food and movement restrictions. Hence people are opting for other pain-free, and easy-to-use solutions like aligners, implants among many others.

Surgical Intervention

The quest for that perfect smile has made several people go under the knife. Surgical intervention is recommended in cases of oral asymmetry where traditional braces or aligners cannot help. For example, some people might have big gums which lead to an odd-looking smile. Similarly, some people are born with disfigured teeth or jaws. In these cases, surgical intervention is used for smile correction. While this is one of the last resorts in many cases, its popularity is seeing a massive spike these days. Compared to other modes of a smile makeover, surgery is the costliest option.


For many of those suffering from chipped teeth, smiling freely can be quite a limitation. This is where Veneers are quite beneficial and cover the chipped part giving it that even look. Veneers are shells in the colour of your teeth and are usually made of porcelain and are attached to the part where teeth are shaped out. This is quite a simple method to cover the uneven shape of teeth and can be customised as per your requirements. Veneers are a popular method of correcting chipped, cracked or stained teeth and can stay on you for years. One of the major drawbacks of Veneers is that they cover only the front side of the teeth while other methods like aligners or braces give complete support from all sides. 

Apart from the above, there are several other methods for smile correction such as dental filling, contouring, recolouring etc. Each of these methods caters to the specific alignment requirements of your teeth. Depending on your requirement, limitations and budget, you may choose your option and undergo the smile makeover that you always desired. 

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