What Teeth Bite Issues Can Clear Aligners Fix?

Fix Teeth Bite Issues with Clear Aligners

What Teeth Bite Issues Can Clear Aligners Fix?

Teeth Bite Issues

Clear Aligners have emerged as one of the most effective modes of treatment for several teeth alignment issues plaguing patients across the world. The biggest strength of clear aligners by Flash is that they are backed by superior technology, world-class orthodontists, and customized treatment plans. Another beautiful aspect of clear aligners is that they are aesthetically appealing, pain-free, and come with no dietary restrictions. With so many drawing factors, clear aligners have emerged as the go-to solution for all your teeth alignment issues. Clear aligners are a popular mode of treatment for a variety of alignment issues such as:

  • Dental Crowding – Dental crowding refers to a situation where teeth overlap each other due to a lack of space. This situation makes it extremely difficult for a person to chew or bite properly without injuring themselves. Due to the overcrowding of teeth, the mouth can become a hub for germs and lead to several hygiene issues as well. Aligners have proven to be quite effective in resolving dental crowding cases the world over.


  • Spacing – This is the opposite of dental crowding and is another common alignment issue faced by many of us. Here, teeth are not at an optimum distance from each other resulting in large gaps. Apart from poor aesthetic appeal, spacing can also cause serious problems in chewing and even speech leading to bigger problems in the long run. In case of large gaps between the teeth, it is highly recommended that you seek the help of your orthodontist.


  • Crossbite- Crossbite is another major alignment issue where the upper set of teeth closes inside the lower set leading to poor aesthetics as well as dental hygiene. The upper set is too close to the gums and tongue and can often lead to painful oral injuries. Crossbites of various levels can be rectified using clear aligners. 


  • Increased Overjet- Clear Aligners have proven great efficacy in fixing increased overjet in several cases. This is a condition where the upper teeth protrude beyond the lower set and often close in front of them. While increased overjet occurs due to genetic factors in many cases, it can also develop due to poor habits like biting nails excessively, chewing pencils, and grinding teeth. Increased overjet that is a result of poor lifestyle habits can be fixed with the use of clear aligners. 


  • Open bite- Open bite is an alignment issue where there is a vertical gap between the upper front and lower front part of the teeth. During a complete teeth bite, the upper and lower sets must completely come together. However, in these cases, only the back part of the upper and lower teeth come together leaving a huge gap at the front.


  • Deep Overbite- Deep overbite is a situation where the upper set of teeth overlaps more than one-third of the lower parts. This is not just an appearance issue but can also pose problems in dental hygiene and performing basic teeth functions like biting and chewing. A deep overbite can be resolved by the regular use of clear aligners. 


In case you are suffering from any of the above alignment issues, it is time to act now. You can visit any of our Flash-certified orthodontists across the country and get an accurate idea of your dental condition along with post-treatment simulation. Ignoring these alignment issues can pose a long-term threat not just to your dental health but overall well-being as well.

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