Top Hacks to get the best out of your dental aligner

Bed time is the best time to switch to new dental aligners

Top Hacks to get the best out of your dental consumings

Dental Aligners

Teeth straightening procedures can be quite a daunting task. Even though dental aligners have made it super easy. In the journey to get a  flawless smile, there might be some of us who will have small discomforts. Well, what do you know? We have got you sorted for that too! Here is a list of the best hacks to make your teeth straightening journey with dental aligners as smooth as possible. 

Hacks to make your dental aligners more comfortable:


  1. Bedtime is the best time to switch to new dental aligners

During the course of your treatment, you will need to wear a different pair of dental aligners depending on what rate your teeth are moving into position. So it can be in a one to three-week gap as advised by your Orthodontist. However, switching to new aligners means that you might feel a slight discomfort in the beginning as your teeth will need to readjust around the new set of dental aligners. To minimize the discomfort why not use our comatose state, where we have 7-8 hours for our mouth to adjust to this new pair. Just pop that new pair of dental aligners before sleeping and you will feel better when you wake up. 

  1. Cold and Frozen Foods are your new BFFs

Some people face gum soreness or inflammation after switching their aligners. So what can you do? Easy! Suck on that ice popsicle or frozen snacks. The cold temperature will help to soothe that soreness. If you do not have anything to eat at hand, applying an ice pack will do the trick too. Word of caution, if you are eating anything that can leave stains on the dental aligners, remove the aligner first and then eat or drink that. 

Hacks to clean your Dental Aligners:


  1. Soak them good while you enjoy your meals

No matter what you do your dental aligners will pick up plaque, saliva, etc. That does give you a gross feeling. But instead of dedicating time in your busy day to clean your dental aligners. Why not just soak them while you don’t use them. Come on, isn’t the best part about having dental aligners that you can remove and eat whatever you want! While you are eating, soak your dental aligners in water. That way, when you are done eating, you will have cleaner dental aligners to wear. Thank us later!

  1. Do not store your dental aligners just anywhere. Use a case!

We know you were tired last night and just wrapped your clear aligners in a good paper towel that you found on your bedside. Trust us when we say that you need to stop doing that. Invest in a case or if you need one in every room of the house, then have multiple. A case protects your favorite aligner from breakage and keeps them away from bacteria and germs that target them. Also, if you have pets in your family, it is better to keep them well-stoved away from paws. At Flash Orthodontics, your DIY Aligner Kit will not just contain a case but everything you need to maintain your dental aligners. 

Dental Aligners do make your life easier by giving you the best possible smile. But you could always use some hacks to elevate the process and make it super-duper easy. Rock your dental aligners and wait for more hacks! Begin your smile makeover journey with the best homegrown brand, Flash Orthodontics. Offering best-in-class dental aligners made from award-winning TRIOS intraoral scanning technology, Flash is your best companion to get a flawless smile. Find your nearest Flash Orthodontist today to get started!


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