How can Invisible Braces improve the Quality of Your Life?

How can invisible braces improve the quality of your life?

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Did you know there is a direct relation between your oral health and your overall health? According to research, if you have dental issues, and you don’t resolve them, they can do a lot of damage to your overall health. We are not just talking about physical repercussions here, but physiological too! Keeping this in mind, modern dental appliances like invisible braces are helping people not just get a better smile but better health too. Let’s see which physical and physiological problems can invisible braces solve and how. 


  1. Chewing: Let’s begin with a simple activity such as chewing which also becomes a difficult task if your teeth are not aligned. If you are suffering from underbite, you are at an increased risk of choking because it makes chewing food very difficult. In fact, some people are also insecure about how they look when they chew. Invisible braces help you get rid of dental issues such as underbites which not only gives you a better smile but improves your ability to chew your food properly.


  1. Brushing and Flossing: Let’s face it, misaligned teeth make it impossible to brush or floss. Your toothbrush cannot reach every surface which means there is a chance of yellowing of teeth or tooth decay. In time, due to the lack of oral hygiene, your teeth can become weak and chip easily. With the correct alignment of your teeth by using invisible braces, your teeth will move in the desired position which gives you access to clean your mouth properly. In fact, since they are easily removable you can clean your aligners as well as teeth with much less difficulty.


  1. Speech Impediment: Your natural teeth order makes it the ideal environment for the tongue to glide and create sounds. If your upper and lower teeth are not in the ideal positions, it becomes difficult for the tongue to make those sounds. For eg. sounds like ‘f’, ‘j’, ‘c’, and ‘s’. This speech impediment like a lisp can lead to a person becoming conscious of the way they speak and lose confidence. This too can be solved with the help of invisible braces.


  1. Oral hygiene: Whether you have bite issues or misaligned teeth, it is a given that sooner or later you will suffer from oral hygiene problems which eventually lead to gum problems and compromised gum health that hold the teeth firm in the first place. Traditional dental appliances like braces, too, cannot solve this issue since their mechanism doesn’t allow easy cleaning of the teeth. Bridging this gap in the dental industry is the modern solution of invisible braces that are removable, meaning- easy access to cleaning and maintaining good oral hygiene. 


  1. Decreased confidence and Self-esteem: It is common for people with malocclusions or misaligned teeth to hide their smiles. This has a much greater impact than we believe. According to research, when a person smiles without any hesitation, their confidence boosts, and they attract people. So imagine the hit on the confidence level if you do not smile. People with low confidence also develop social anxiety and tend to isolate themselves. Solutions like invisible braces help them get their smile and confidence back. The fact that these appliances are invisible also gives them relief since no one will notice they’re undergoing treatment and all the while their smile will be improving. 

Invisible braces help you overcome these challenges and improve the quality of your life. They are made to do much more than give you a pretty smile for sure. Made from advanced digital technology, Invisible braces are comfortable, hassle-free, and highly effective to solve a host of dental issues.

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