.Invisible braces: Your ultimate solution for orthodontic problems

Say goodbye to all your orthodontic problems with Invisible braces

Invisible braces: Your ultimate solution for orthodontic problems

Invisible Braces: Say goodbye to all your oral problems.

Today, the dental industry is helping people smile with confidence and without any hesitation. Smile makeovers have become a major part of the dentistry industry. Today, smile makeovers are not just a cosmetic procedure but can help people with misalignments and malocclusions get a flawless smile as well. Leading this crusade are the advanced technology-bred Invisible braces. Let’s learn what all issues can be treated by Invisible braces and how they give you a chance to smile confidently with perfectly aligned and straight teeth.


Say goodbye to all your orthodontic problems with Invisible braces


  1. Crooked Teeth

Most of us think that there is no need to spend money on a couple of crooked teeth as it is a simple aesthetic issue. But it is not that simple. Crooked teeth make it easier to get food particles and bacteria stuck between them which means tooth decay and possible gum disease. 

  1. Gapped Teeth

If your gapped teeth are causing misalignment issues or affecting the health of your teeth or gums in any way, we highly recommend fixing them. Gaps can lead to the possibility of poor teeth alignment. They can also lead to bite problems, facial discomfort, pain, and other dental issues.

  1. Overcrowding or Spacing

Overcrowded or unevenly spaced teeth are the most common dental issues. Many people have a space between their two front teeth known as a diastema. While having a diastema is common in children, the issue can carry into adulthood for some people. Overcrowding of the teeth can cause tooth misalignment, bite problems, digestive problems, mouth pain, and other issues. While spacing may present problems with eating, overexposure of gums, and self-consciousness about facial appearance. 

  1. Crossbite, Overbite, Underbite, Open Bite

All these bite problems are due to misalignment in the teeth. These can collectively cause problems such as jaw and tooth pain, premature enamel wear, Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD), tooth decay, sleep apnea, trouble speaking properly, headaches, pain in the neck and shoulder, and/or uneven jaw growth.

Invisible braces are the most technologically advanced way to solve all these issues and straighten your smile. 

Reasons why Invisible braces are different from Metal Braces


  1. Get treatment without the embarrassment

As the name suggests, Invisible braces are transparent in nature which makes them invisible to other people. This helps you conceal the fact that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment, and saves you from embarrassment. 

  1. No one-fit-for-all solution

All the Invisible braces are customized according to your case and your dental issue. Since they are made by taking a 3D image of your mouth, it means each set of Invisible braces is unique. Therefore, you have your own customized plan to straighten your smile.

  1. Taking care of your teeth is easier than ever

Most patients who have used or are using metal braces know that taking care of their teeth and their oral hygiene is a nightmare. Everything that you eat gets stuck in the metal brackets and wires, and you can’t clean it enough. The complete opposite is the way Invisible braces work. They are removable in nature. So all you have to do is take your Invisible braces out before eating or drinking and brushing your teeth before wearing them so that there is no chance for bacteria to cause any issues.

  1. Produces amazing results in lesser time

While metal braces can take up to 24 months, Invisible braces can solve mild to moderate cases within 6-18 months depending on each case. 

Now, you might be aware that millions of people have turned to Invisible braces in recent years. If you too are considering getting Invisible braces to kickstart your smile makeover journey, then get in touch with Flash Orthodontics. Powered by the powerful TRIOS intraoral scanning technology, Flash Aligners are 100% India-made aligners. With over 1850 certified Flash Orthodontists working with us to get the best-in-class aligners to you, we are bringing the best near you. Find out your nearest Flash Orthodontist here

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